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Washington Agriculture in the Classroom

  • Washington Agriculture in the Classroom is a school-based education program aimed at enhancing agricultural literacy in K-12 students and educators.
  • ApplesWashington's highest dollar crop is apples. This state produces 66% of all the apples in the nation at a farmgate value of $2.43 billion.
  • DairyMilk is the second most valuable agricultural commodity, followed by wheat, potatoes, hay and cattle and calves.
  • Raspberries33% of all US raspberries are raised in Washington.
  • Washington ranks 11th in the nation in terms of total agricultural cash receipts, but is second only to California in the diversity of crops grown (about 230 different ones).
  • HopsWashington produces 73% of all hops in nation.
  • PeppermintWashington produces 68% of all spearmint in nation.
  • PearsWashington produces 43% of all pears in nation.
  • AITC offers lesson plans and materials related to social studies, science, math, language arts and geography.
  • Sweet CherriesWashington produces 60% of all sweet cherries in nation.
  • GrapesWashington produces 42% of all concord grapes in nation.
  • PotatoesWashington potato growers have the highest yield per acre in the US, producing nearly twice as many potatoes per acre as Idaho.
1 Apples2 Dairy3 Raspberries4 5 Hops6 Peppermint7 Pears8 9 Sweet Cherries10 Grapes11 Potatoes12

What's New?

Agriculture is the world's oldest, largest, and most essential industry. Yet, in America's urban society, 90% of the population has little contact with the systems that determine our general welfare and standard of living. Washington Ag In the Classroom strives to bridge this gap.

Agricultural Literacy Curriculum Matrix

The Agricultural Literacy Curriculum Matrix is an online, searchable, and standards-based curriculum map for K-12 teachers. The Matrix contextualizes national education standards in science, social studies, and nutrition education with relevant instructional resources linked to Common Core Standards.

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What is Washington Ag in the Classroom?

Washington Ag In the Classroom (WAIC) is a school-based education program aimed at enhancing agricultural literacy in K-12 students and educators. It is not a vocational agriculture program and does not promote products or political points of view. WAIC's goal is helping teachers, especially those with little knowledge of agriculture, integrate the study of this vast industry into existing curriculum.

Why Learn About Agriculture?

Today's youth are tomorrow's leaders. Agriscience, agribusiness, and production agriculture form the largest industry in America. Environmental issues such as land use, water quality, air quality, and wildlife protection are inextricably linked to agriculture. As future leaders, students must have an understanding of agriculture and how it affects their world.